Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: NYX Studio HD Finishing Powder

Prior to my RCT (Recent California Trip… it’s becoming something I go on and on about so to the extent where an abbriev is becoming necessary!), I was using translucent Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder as a finishing powder. Personally, I like using a translucent powder over top of my make-up. It evens everything out, and makes for a really smooth polished finish. It can even tone down redness! My main reasons behind using this particular one was I could only find two powders which called themselves translucent in Boots (I kind of hate British drugstore make-up, it’s a permanent annoyance to me…) and I’m also quite the Rimmel fan: their 9-in-1 primer and their Natural Bronzer are integral layers of ma face. The Rimmel one was also the cheaper of the two, at about half the price (it goes for about a fiver, as most Rimmel complexion products seem to!!).

 Anyways, long story short, I managed to drop my Rimmel Translucent Powder as I did my make-up one LA morning (and I do have to hand it to Rimmel, when it completely shattered and went everywhere, it did so very neatly!). I wasn’t totally heartbroken because a) Rimmel is sold in America and b) it’s a good product but not my dream product.
Oops! At least it broke neatly!!
So I popped down to Target thinking I’d just pick up a replacement, BUT despite having a Rimmel section they didn’t have the translucent powder! I don’t know if it is not sold in America or if this store just did not have it but I was forced to search the make-up counters for a replacement. Apparently, totally translucent powder is as rarely sighted in the US as it is in the UK, but the search eventually lead me to NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder.

NYX Studio HD Finishing Powder

We do not have NYX in the UK, so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t as dramatically conflicted emotions as I ended up with!! I’ll start with the bad. It was quite expensive for a fairly small compact. I dropped about $12 on this – I know, I know, considering the exchange rate I’m being a bit stingy but that could have bought me like… two super huge fro yos (I’m not kidding… you should see my fro yo toppings).

*ahem* NYX! The packing is terribly impractical! It has a screw top lid which is really annoying to have to get on and off when you’re doing your make-up.
If you have always dreamed of this being your reality, this
product is for you.
It is also the most powdery powder I have ever seen in my life. The consistency is more powdery and fly-away than baking flour! When applying it to my face, it quite literally created a frosty cloud around my head, like someone applying make-up in a cartoon. It also was messy and left some powder stains on my clothing because of how much it powdered.

I blame the consistency too for the fact that it barely lasted me THREE WEEKS. If I’m going to spend over £5 on a product, I want it to last me at least a month. But especially considering I was literally doing a light dusting of my face, I thought the shelf life of this product was absurd. It simply vanished – and I blame that in part on the majority of it evaporating into the ether during the application process or spilling during the wrestle to open the bloody thing.
However, despite all these negatives, the conundrum is that THE PRODUCT IS ANNOYINGLY AWESOME. I applied it with an Ecotools foundation brush - it gave an incredible HD finish, kind of like editing your whole face with Snapseed before leaving the house. One of my BPAs (BIG PROBLEM AREAS) is my nose, where I have really bad visible pores, which are a constant struggle to cover. Most powders I put over my foundation make my pores more visible, so I generally ignore my nose once I’ve got my foundation on. However, putting this powder over my nose gave it an even smoother finish than I get with just foundation and evened everything out! I also think it made the coverage on my nose last longer. It wasn’t just my nose who enjoyed this product: it is great for full-face touch-ups too (though look out for the infamous cloud!!)  and makes everything look that little bit more polished with a quick once-over.

In short, I’m left confused about how I feel about this product! I debated re-buying it before leaving America, but in the end I didn’t, despite it being nearly finished. However, now that I have actually scraped out the container and the NYX HD Studio powder has officially left my life, I kind of wish I had repurchased it….!

So many mixed feelings! I’m still debating if I’d rebuy this when I’m back in the US, but for now, the search for an awesome translucent powder from UK drugstores continues, so you can expect another review in the near future!

Do you have any translucent powder recommendations for me?? Have you tried NYX’s – love it or leave it (behind when hopping on a plane and heading to another continent)? Let me know what YOU think in the comments!!

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