Monday, August 3, 2015

Rock Show OOTN - Seeing Wednesday 13!!

So recently I FINALLY got to see Wednesday 13 on his Monsters Of The Universe tour! You may know that Joseph Poole in his many incarnations is my favourite musician of all time - I mentioned it in my article about my second tattoo that his song 'Los Angel-less' was one of my many inspirations for. I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for him to do West Coast tour dates since JANUARY when his latest Wednesday 13 album was released!

Finally the day came when I headed down to Brick By Brick in San Diego (small but grungy and cute!) to see Mr Motherfucker in the flesh – this is what I wore!

Sometimes I feel like I dress very boringly to gigs, because I always want to wear something comfy, and which is unlikely to be damaged or which I will mind too much getting sweaty and dirty! I made a big effort to put more of a stylish spin on these requirements this time around!!
T-shirt: DStruct through asos
Bracelet: Topman
Jeggings: H&M
Boots: River Island
On the top I wore a black t-shirt with a massive stag skull on it, which is by a band called DStruct and which I bought through asos. I’m a really big fan of it because it’s simple, but still very intense and really edgy. It fits me nicely and is a little on the bigger side (which meant I was able to wear the Wednesday 13 t-shirt I bought underneath it!!!) and of course I rolled up the sleeves for some layering.

I paired this with acid wash jeggings from H&M which were super comfy, and being jeggings really give that suuuuper tight fitted rock & roll vibe (like a certain someone and his buddies used to channel in the Murderdolls back in the day!).

I finished off the outfit with boots that I bought from River Island last winter. They are solid black and some plaid detailing on the lip, which I fell in love with. I’d actually never tried pairing them with jeggings before and I was obsessed with how easily my jeggings fit inside – very comfy and looked very cool, chill and edgy!

I accessorised just with a simple black skull bracelet from Topman I got as a birthday present about two years ago, and of course my two silver necklaces I always wear.
I also wanted to add that under my slightly more oversize t-shirt I also concealed that I wore my running belt!! I normally wear this just for holding my keys when I go running but it also comes in super handy for gigs! This is the best investment EVER – it is kind of like a fanny pack but lies much more flat so you can actually wear it and have it totally concealed. It fits a surprisingly large amount – I carried money, my driver’s licence, my portable phone charger and cable and my keys! It was the perfect solution as my jeggings have teeny tiny pockets. I bought it on amazon for a very affordable price!
On a final note, I wanted to share the Wednesday 13 t-shirt I bought at the gig! It's not really easy to buy Wednesday merchandise other than at his shows and his online store has been having a lot of issues over the past year, so I always make sure to buy a t-shirt when I see him live! It was a tough decision as he had a lot of designs available but I could NOT resist this spin on the Jack Daniels design!!
I just love a tongue in cheek Wednesday t-shirt and this is like the ultimate example of that. I am sure I will be getting a lot of wear out of this!! One of my favourite things about Wednesday is his drinking enthusiasm so I love how this shirt showcases that!


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